First Prototype Volume Box

The first completed unitThe Volume Box board is assembled and tested, the last few firmware bugs are squished and the only thing missing now is the machined end panel for the plastic case and it is ready to sell!

Here are the lessons I have learned:

1. PICs can be a mighty pain in the bum to debug, particularly the peripherals. I think I’ll use a different chip next time.

2. Always check your component footprints when designing a PCB, the Protel footprint libraries are full of errors. I’ll be patching the first run of boards due to a bad footprint.

3. Don’t try to get a product out the door around Christmas time, many manufacturing companies are closed for the holidays especially here in Australia where we combine our summer holiday and Christmas holiday into one big long holiday. Some companies do not resume business until January 18th!

Anyway, now the design is proven I have ordered some parts to begin producing these things.