Unsoldering Equipment with Hot Air

I just bought myself a new SMD rework station, it’s a fine tool but I want to share with you a few choice excerpts from the extremely poorly translated manual. I think the Chinese manufacturers put no effort at all into the English translation these days:

“Intelligent system that could alarm, Fault detection automatically”

“Green lines and high-quality silicone body heat good for extend life and save power”

“increased gun handpiece would be insertion and unplug”

and my favourite…

“LED manifestation of tiny electricity computer figures”

One thought on “Unsoldering Equipment with Hot Air

  1. Sergey Solyanik

    it’s completely natural – to expect a good translation to English from a system made by English speaking people. That’s why all machine translations fail — users do not expect that. I have basic knowledge of English and can detect machine translations errors in English texts, but not on Chinese or Norsk, for example.

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