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Would you pay $98 for this ?

Would you pay $98 for this ?

Being in the electronics design business, I am often ordering parts in small quantities and the best place to do that is Digi-Key. But it really annoys me that Digi-key can’t sort by price. When I’m looking for, say, a 470µF capacitor, it gives me 100 different ones to choose from, of course I just want to order the cheapest one but I end up having to read through a dozen pages to find it. Now I can use Alex Leone’s neato DigiKey Sort By Price FireFox plugin. Thanks Alex, that’s a real useful tool!

PS. I actually searched for a 470µF capacitor just now, there are 491 different ones ranging from $1.34 right up to $98.10 – that last one must be gold plated with gem-quality emerald as the dielectric!

UPDATE: Digi-key now has sort-by-price on it’s website. I guess they must have listened to their customers.

3 thoughts on “Sort by Price on DigiKey

  1. UcTechGeek

    I have faced the same issue on Digikey too. I found Newark’s website ( quite comprehensive. The parametric search is detailed and you can sort the results on various filters including price and availability. They also recently have a new community portal – element14. I think that is really neat with lots of good application related information. Thanks for sharing the plugin.

  2. Matthew Currie

    They clearly omit this feature for business reasons (e.g. an attempt to keep profits higher)

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