More design refinements to the Baud Rate Converter

The latest batch of RS232 Bit Rate Converters have a few improvements over the previous releases. The new model is called RS004. I’ve actually been selling these for a few months now so anyone who ordered some recently already has these new features:

  • Programmable time-delay in each direction so you can delay your packets.
  • Support for an even wider variety of baud rates from as low as 11bps up to 120,000bps – check the baud rate calculator
  • Improved power efficiency – It now only draws 25mA when idle, a bit more than that when busy but much less than the 120mA consumed by the previous design
  • Reverse polarity protection in case you accidentally wire the power backwards
  • I now outsource the circuit board manufacturing so I don’t have to build them myself. The boards are robot-assembled which results in a much neater build with less mistakes.

New units are now ready for sale, head on over to for more detail.

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