Incremental Improvements

Boards boards boards!

Boards boards boards!

I’ve been working on a few things to improve the RS232 Bit Rate Converter. Here’s my new revision 3 circuit board.

There are some extra capacitors to smooth out a little noise I was getting in the serial data stream and I have also outsourced the machining of the end panels.

The changes are to eliminate some pain for me since I am still hand-assembling these things. I’d love to get the volume up so I could outsource the whole manufacturing process but for a niche product like this, who knows if the volume will ever become that great.

I got a new batch of boards pressed with the additional capacitors included in the layout. I have been patching them onto the revision 2 board but it is a fiddly operation, much nicer to have it baked into the design.

I have also found a more efficient power regulator which can accept an input of up to 15V. This is in response to a very common user request for the device to run off 12V. It seems a lot of people have been using them in the automotive sphere.

Now my biggest problem is lead time on parts, I still have two weeks to wait for some chips I ordered a month ago and my stock is running low.