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Articles relating to my Super Transcribe product.

Super Transcribe v1.1 released

This is a bug fix release based on some user feedback I got. There are a whole bunch of little fixes including some problems with audio sync when playing videos and an issue with the seek bar if your media file was longer than 40 minutes.

There is no public bug-tracker for this software (yet) so if you try it out and find any more bugs, please email me at and I’ll fix them as soon as I can.

The new version is online now and ready to download at

New look for the Super Transcribe Website

SuperTranscribeNewWebsiteBea did a neat new design for me. This is a lot better than the previous design.

I like the more prominent DOWNLOAD and BUY buttons, plus the news items are better separated from the main text. The Silicon Sparrow logo has been included in a big way which continues on the theme of drawing all my products under the one brand. It is looking good.

You can visit the site at

Super Transcribe 1.0 finally released!

SuperTranscribe-1.0-screenshot-smallIt’s taken me a little while to fit this in around my freelance work and family obligations but finally I have put out a version 1.0 of Super Transcribe. This is transcription software for Windows. It allows you to load up a media file (most common formats supported) and slow down the replay so you can keep up without having to be the world’s fastest typist. It can slow down the replay up to 5 times without changing the pitch of the speech. It’s just perfect for transcribing podcasts.

It also has a lot of handy-dandy features like keeping track of multiple participants in a dialogue and lots of shortcut keys so you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard much, and it has a beautiful new look & feel thanks to Bea. Why not go along to and download the demo. Tell me what you think of it.

Just because something is hidden doesn’t mean no-one can find it

I had a bit of a surprise when looking at the traffic logs for the new Super Transcribe website. The site has been online for a few months but until now, it only showed a blank home page. I had not announced it or promoted it in any way.

I noticed that some web crawler had not only found the site but found my source code repository and people have been downloading the source to this app before it has even been released! I’m going to have to put up some security on that!