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Small Fix to KaChingPal

If you’ve had some issues with KaChingPal not notifying you of transactions, I have fixed the problem. This issue only affected some users and not others, seemingly at random.

Well anyway it is fixed now so you can enjoy your KaChing! again.

What on Earth is Ka-Ching Pal ?

screenshot-popupI was setting up some eCommerce websites recently, maybe it was a combination of not enough sleep and too much coffee but I thought to myself, I wish that whenever I got a payment through PayPal, my PC would make a Ka-ching! noise.

So then I spent a couple of hours making a Windows Tray App to do just that.

Then I thought maybe other people might like this too.

So I spent an additional two days setting up a website and polishing the app, making an installer and sorting out all the other little details that are needed to make it usable by non-nerds.

So here we have my new product called Ka-Ching Pal. The website is up and taking orders at