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Circuit Sketch Proof of Concept is Launched

The first prototype of Circuit Sketch is done. There are many features missing and most probably a few bugs but it’s basically working. Let’s call it a proof-of-concept rather than a finished product.

So what is Circuit Sketch I hear you ask? Circuit Sketch is an online tool for quickly drawing electronic schematic diagrams. You can then share the circuits online by posting them to online forums or your favourite social media.

I’ve had some fun making this, it’s been a good project to learn some more advanced Javascript, DHTML and jQuery.

Why not try it out at Send me an email (or tweet or whatever) and let me know what you think of it. I’d really love some feedback at this stage.

Circuit Sketch

While browsing through electronics forums or answering electronics-related questions in my email, I always think there must be a better way to quickly create circuit diagrams and attach them to posts. On the forums I have seen many methods such as a screen-shot from a CAD package:

or maybe draw it in Photoshop:

or the good old pencil-and-scanner approach:

ASCII art:

or even a photo of a text book!


So to make life easy for discussing electronics via email or forums, I think it is time for a new product. Circuit Sketch is an online tool with which you can quickly draw a circuit diagram and copy it into a post or just share it via a simple URL. The product is online so there is no need to install any software (good if you are using someone else’s computer).

It’s only at prototype stage at the moment so it is not fully functional but I’d love to hear what you all think about it. I should be putting it live on sometime in the next few days. Stay tuned.