Boxes boxes boxes

I’m developing a couple of new electronic products and once again I am infuriated by the lack of suitable enclosures. Don’t the enclosure making people understand what I want?!

Take a look at these fairly typical boxes from Hammond Manufacturing:

A lot of the boxes produced by Hammond and such companies tend to have small front panels and a long body. But the reality of modern electronics is the circuitry is very small. It is the connectors, display and controls which take up the most room, so what you really want is a short body and a large panel. When I use these boxes, I end up wasting a lot of space as you can see in this photo of one of my prototypes, more than half the space in the box is unused because I need a front panel large enough for all the connectors.

I have spent days searching through the websites of every box manufacturer I can find but they are all more or less the same. I am currently investigating the economics of getting some custom plastic boxes made. I’ll post more here as I make progress.