Adventures in Outsourcing

I’m currently attempting to get a batch of RS232 Rate Converters made in China, I’ve been getting the PCBs etched in China for months now so this is the logical next step.

The biggest problem so far has been sourcing the parts. I’m getting most of the stuff from DigiKey because they specialize in smaller orders – I don’t have the sales volume to justify making 1000 of these things.

But get this. DigiKey will not deliver microprocessors to China, because of export restrictions, for a microprocessor that was made in China in the first place!

Ah well, I found MCUZONE, a Chinese supplier for the microprocessors thanks to the very excellent so I have all the parts on their way now.

So stay tuned, I’ll post photos when I get the assembled boards back from China.

UPDATE: I have since tried to buy more things through and have been defrauded. MCUZONE are good, but I was lucky to find them because honest sellers seem rare on Alibaba. Don’t trust them!

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