About Silicon Sparrow


Hi, I’m Adam Pierce, a freelance electronics and software engineer from Sydney, Australia.

Silicon Sparrow is a corporate identity for my design and engineering work. It is a registered business in the state of New South Wales, ABN number 83-841-478-358.

This web site is where I tell the world what I am up to. At the moment, I am a stay-at-home dad looking after two children. I do contract work while they are at school, I even occasionally find the time to kick out a product or two.

I also have an older blog at http://www.doctort.org/adam but I don’t update that so often anymore.

I am available for freelance work. If you are interested in hiring me, you can click here to view my resumé and then phone or email me to talk about the details of your project.

Here is my contact information:

EMail: adam@siliconsparrow.com
Phone: 0418-403-190 within Australia or +61-418-403-190 internationally.

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