Silicon Sparrow

My Project Notes



On a lazy Sunday afternoon, some time back now. I decided to build a synthesizer.

Analogue electronics is not really my thing, I'm much more a digital person but when I found a design online for The #3 Standard WoggleBug by Grant Richter, I just had to build one.

First I built the circuit on some veroboard. This thing is controlled by a bunch of potentiometers, there is no keyboard and certainly no MIDI!

Then I was wondering what to make for an enclosure. My friend Jasper found an empty CD spindle and you know, it was just crazy enough to work.

To create the control panel, I got a CD-R and messed it up a bit with a blowtorch. I mounted the knobs on this and glued it to the central shaft of the CD spindle. A little more glue and the whole thing was assembled inside the spindle.

Here is the finished product. As you can see, the cover of the CD spindle makes a handy travel case.

If you want to hear what it sounds like, check out the recording on my SoundCloud.

Okay, this is not a pure recording, I have added some drums and a couple of effects because this thing sounds really rough and is almost impossible to control. You'll have to imagine me twisting the knobs frantically while you listen.

Anyway, I had fun building it and that's what makes me happy.