Monthly Archives: June 2011

Macro Photography with a Phone Camera

Here’s a real easy way to do close-up when you’ve only got a phone. All you need is a loupe which is a magnifying lens inside a tube, they are used a lot by jewellers, artists and well, people who work in micro-electronics like me. Just plonk it over the lens of your phone’s camera and away you go! Use lots of light to get a good sharp image.

Here’s a frozen pea! well, why not?

And of course, the real reason I want to do this – closeups of circuit boards.

Small Fix to KaChingPal

If you’ve had some issues with KaChingPal not notifying you of transactions, I have fixed the problem. This issue only affected some users and not others, seemingly at random.

Well anyway it is fixed now so you can enjoy your KaChing! again.