Monthly Archives: November 2010

HTC Desire HD Freeze Bug

Business has been doing a little better this last month so I bought myself a treat – a new HTC Desire HD from Vodafone. It is so nice to be back on Android again after being stuck with an old Nokia 6300 non-smart-phone for the last couple of months. I felt like one hand was cut off not being able to access email or any cloud services. This new phone also has a nice big screen so I can read stuff without having to squint.

However I’ve been noticing that often this phone will just freeze up for half a minute or so for no apparent reason. Not what I expected from an expensive phone that was supposed to be super fast and super smooth.

To cut a long story short, after some research I found there is a software bug which causes the freeze ups, no-one is sure exactly what is causing the bug at the time of writing but there is a workaround so for anyone who has one of these phones, here is the solution:


From the home screen, press Menu, then Settings, Applications, Development and then turn on USB Debugging. This caused an immediate improvement in speed and responsiveness of the phone.

UPDATE: I’ve now upgraded my phone to version 2.3.3 and the freeze bug has gone. Looks like HTC has fixed it.