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Silicon Sparrow Incorporated

I’m official. I just received my business name registration in the post. Silicon Sparrow is now a registered business in New South Wales, ABN number 83-841-478-358. Now all I need is some more products and more customers…

By the way, do you like my new little bird logo at the top there, it was designed by my wife Bea who is pretty good at that kind of thing.

Parallel Port Tester in Python

To test some equipment which was controlled by the printer port on my PC, I wrote a simple test app. This is allows you to control the state of the data bits and control bits and also see the state of the status bits. It’s not very pretty and only does SPP port functions because that is all I needed for the job at hand. I wrote it in Python because I was looking for an excuse to learn wxPython.

Adam's Parallel Port Monitor

Adam's Parallel Port Monitor

Now I am putting it on this blog so anyone else who finds it useful can have it.

To run this, you will need Python obviously, you will also need wxPython and also a DLL called inpout32.dll to allow port access under Windows.

Oh, and it only works in Windows. Sorry.

Download here.

Welcome to the Silicon Sparrow Blog

Hello and welcome to my new corporate identity. This site is the centre of my current venture to establish myself as an independent designer of electronic and software products. At the moment, I only have one product, the Serial Bit Rate Converter which is fairly niche but I am working on more stuff. I’ll post here from time to time as things progress.